Radio London Live

Wonderful Radio London returned last December once again to help re-live the memories of the 1960's for Christmas 1997/New Year 1998. It broadcast on 1503kHz (AM) which is 199metres! The station was based on board the MV 'Ocean Defender' anchored in London at St Catherine's Dock E1. The signal reached out easily 20 miles in the daytime, but night time reception was much more limited.

During its broadcast, this page carried Radio London live to the world via Real Audio, where we had over 4,000 hits !

The final two hours, on January 13th, were very entertaining, featuring guests such as Tommy Vance, and a hilarious spoof news bulletin at 11.30pm. If you missed it, you can re-live the edited highlights NOW by clicking below !

Radio London Closedown
Big L Closedown